Amazon is tracking you on the new Kindle Fire

By now, if you shop frequently on Amazon (as I have been the last one year), you would be familiar with the “recommended books” section on its homepage.

With the new release of the new Kindle Fire, Amazon is stepping up its game on tracking user behavior by introducing the “Trending Now” section on its Start page. ┬áThere will also be a “Selected Sites” section on the Start page.

Amazon is tracking users browsing and usage habits on the new Kindle Fire in order to serve up recommendation that it thinks the users might find interesting.

It is indeed an interesting and beneficial feature, but what is more interesting is to find out what Amazon is using the data for.

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2 Responses to Amazon is tracking you on the new Kindle Fire

  1. Jason Morgan says:

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    • janusdata says:

      Thanks Jason. Our idea is to educate users on the value of their personal data. While we don’t oppose targetted ads per-say, we would advocate a more transparent model between ad brokers, advertisers, companies and users.

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